Buy | Sell Bitcoin

When would you like to buy/sell?

Trades under 10 Million KRW

Buy Bitcoin

  1. Open Account
  2. Send Bitcoin Buy Ticket
  3. Send KRW to SKBC – Shinhan Bank Account
  4. We will deposit your Bitcoin into your account wallet.

Sell Bitcoin

  1. Open Account
  2. Send Bitcoin Sell Ticket
  3. Send Bitcoin to SKBC wallet
  4. We will wire KRW to your bank account; or
  5. Cash pick-up at our office

Do Not Use Bitcoin ATM

  • Bitcoin ATMs charge 10-15% in transaction fees.
  • Many Bitcoin ATM users unknowingly pay up to 15%.
  • Our fees are between 3%-10%.*
  • We guarantee our quoted prices.
$1k – $100K USD$100K – $1M$1M+
$8% 1st Trade$5% 1st Trade3%
$5% Thereafter3% Thereafter3%

New to Bitcoin?

We will help you set up your account and Bitcoin wallet. Over the last few months, we have seen an increase in individuals inquiring about investing in Bitcoin. With Bitcoin prices rising to break new highs, we will be offering free classes as well as services which include complete set up of wallets and transfer of Bitcoin to those wallets. To inquire about our services, please contact us Monday-Friday 10am-4pm.

  • *Fees subject to change depending on time and resources required.